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13 April 2012 @ 12:30 am
Successfully restring my own bjd (●^o^●)
Well, it is actually a small achievement, but I consider it a big leap. Especially since I never done it before. I always afraid that they will fall apart and no one can help me to restring it back..

Anyway, here's a good info from Soom on how to restring your bjd.

Now Naoya is tightly strung and can move freely~  (●^ω^●)
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Just like the title..

Officially I'm crying now

SD17 Shirou Tachibana in shadow skin (≧×≦;)
Another gorgeous tan dolls that makes me go "oooooooooohhh" ( ̄□ ̄;) *oooooh noooooo I'm broke*

Seriously Volks? Y U produce even more and more gorgeous dolls!

And this is SD17 Gou. Not really my type but sure he's handsome. Volks' molds has gotten to be even more and more gorgeous!
Clearly the next will make me cry again..
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07 April 2012 @ 04:28 pm
Supia Haeun! ♥

The white-skin version is really adorable. But I like the light tan skin version of this mold more...

A friend has already own this mold (and I bet she will look totally awesome) (◎o◎)/☆
B-b-but.. I don't feel really good of buying the same mold. I dunno, I will adopt her if I still want her badly, I guess.
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06 April 2012 @ 11:07 pm

Recently I answered a question in a forum thread about your doll wishlist.
There are lots of dolls I want (ノ゜O゜)ノ But if I have to narrow it down to five, they have to be these adorable dolls
*at least, for now* :P

1. Iplehouse Arvid aaaand..... Dexter
I used to like Iplehouse Evan a lot. Up till now, actually. But I definitely have to own these two adorable uncles ♥
Arvid strucked me with lightning when the limited edition was released. Instantly I fell in love with him~
While Dexter, on the other hand, gave me the creeps at first. He is a mold that none of my friends really like, too. But slowly and slowly, I realize that I just meeeelt whenever I see his eyes~~

It is just.... their price makes me think twice before adopting them.

2. Soom Shoshon
Since he's a limited, a tan Shoshon is no longer produced by Soom (´Д`)
I'm not really a fan of Soom's boys, but Shoshon is an exception. I love his calm and determined look.
Why oh why one of him is sold in DoA MP when I'm still paying for my twins...

3. VOLKS SDGrB Minoru Kamimura
Uuuugh....... Why oh why one of him is sold in DoA MP when I'm still paying for my twins!!
I really like Minoru's mold, but I never dare enough to put him on my wishlist because of the price. But since now I manage to adopt two Volks mold (Nono twins), I bravely stated that I still want him out of the male Volks mold released!

Lots of my friends like SD17 William or Reisner, but I like this calm and loving father-like Minoru more~
I always think that his face resembles Mukai Osamu ♥

4. LUTS Honey Delf Cinnamon
This naughty-looking child is adorable ♥ Don't you think that these naughty eyes mesmerizing?
I regretted why I didn't order one last year when he was released by LUTS.

Uuuughh I have to save and work harder! >w<

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