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28 May 2012 @ 10:53 pm
Is quite happy because I get another comic project.
And that means, more fund to buy new bodies for Yume and Yuki (≧▽≦)ゞ
Also, I found my long lost LJ friend yami_akyouru ^^ She even state that she will let me paint her Kyou and Ryuu~
Hopefully it will come true! :D

Is quite sad because one client cancelled the commission for faceup :(
Well, I can't really help it. The shipping fee from Indonesia to EU is quite costly, even with Registered Airmail...

But I guess that's one of the drawback.. 
On the other hand, I'm totally aware that there are lots of other Asians are FAAAAR better than me. I have to improve and improve! Sometimes I wonder if this is the correct path (mostly because of the danger my respiratory system must face if I decide to become a faceup artist...) But what I know now, I don't want to give up just yet.

And tan Shirou. Ugh.
Next year's plan is to adopt an Arvid.

Frankly I'm addicted to Vocaloid Kaito-Meiko's Futari no Harmony.
Thanks, silverharmony~ ^^
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Anyway I finally start this thing..
Ever since 2007 I have been fascinated by ball-jointed dolls. I adopt my first doll, Rion, in July 2010 and I am addicted to doll faceup. It is just fascinating how the face will seem very different with faceup alone, combined by wig and clothing and mods, I realize that bjd customization has no limit >w< Now, I'm the proud 'mother' of seven dolls XD Well, some of them ain't complete yet, but I plan to complete them one day *and keep saving to adopt my other grail dolls*~ ♥

I must say my thanks to fransyung.
Although I'm sure she will never see this post here. But it was all thanks to her that I can adopt my first doll and know how to paint a doll. Also to bahenol, as because of her, mainly, that I'm on this hobby now~ ^^
And Ubi, my darling, I'm sure that you will not read this, but thank you for everything. For all the support. For all the information. For all the knowledge. For all the equipments too. You are the only one beside me and cheer me up while I'm feeling down and almost give up with the art world.

Two years practicing, I'm ready to present my artwork and service to the community~ I do hope to beautify more and more dolls, and hopefully my work is accepted by them

Sooo... here it is!~ ♥

Quite neat, don't you think? :P I say it is not really bad for someone that is not majoring in Art.

For details, you can always drop by my new BJD aesthetics blog in Blogspot: http://sorenka.blogspot.com
I'm almost dead, making that blog. I'm not really familiar to the coding, but I have done my best for it. For now, I guess it is just okay..

Or, for DoA members, feel free to drop by my page in the customization section:

During the grand opening, all service is free! ♥
At least until I decide to limit the free service~
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07 May 2012 @ 03:53 pm
Ever since last week, I am still mesmerized by the beauty of this girl.

Altogether with her twin sister Yumeno, SDGrG Nono OE, she is my grail doll.
Never before I feel that I want to get a doll so badly before. And a girl! I never want to own a girl doll before!! *well, at least, before Orianne* While I have known Volks mold are so expensive, apparently that doesn't stop my urge to adopt this girl.

I will have to get a proper body for her soon~
And maybe a better camera to take better pic of her ^^
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30 April 2012 @ 05:23 pm
Oh Malang city custom, please let my baby return home!

Since Saturday, Yukino, my SDGrG Nono SWD, was at Malang city custom. It entered the custom clearance *as shown in Track-Trace* in April 27, 2012, 9:15 am. I thought it will pass custom easily and be delivered to my home today. But apparently, no package show up. No extra info in the Indonesian web too.

But come to think of it, this girl is being sent from USA on May 16, using Registered Mail. It reaches Indonesia in less than two weeks, which is already very fast compared to Noir, my LUTS Winter 2011, who was sent from USA using registered mail also last December and reached Indonesia in more than a month.

Hopefully within this week I can meet her. Very soon, Yukino. Okaerinasai.
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